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From the tropical coffee plantations of South America to your home, SenCafé brings you the best of instant coffee with the quality of taste and flavour that are hard to match. Everything starts when we receive and carefully inspect the quality of the green coffee beans which are shipped in from the plantations. The process starts with the roasting and grinding of the green coffee beans then the coffee is sent for extraction on high pressure and high temperature chambers. At this point in the process the coffee can be kept as frozen coffee extract or be produced as the spray dry or agglomerated also called granules.

The final product is then collected in big aluminum containers, free of any human contact and automatically sent to the packing facility. The freeze dry process starts with the coffee we all know and enjoy passing to a pre-cooling stage, the liquid now more viscous is poured on conveyor belts for freezing, several consecutive cooler air bags are used to gradually cool the coffee down to temperatures as low as minus 40 degrees Celsius, this process transforms the coffee into a dense mass, this mass is then broken into granules…
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